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About Our Church

Dear friends:

Welcome to the St. James United Methodist Church!

It's a pleasure to greet you with the enthusiasm that has been the hallmark of 50+ years of Methodism in Merrimack, NH.  As a community of faith, we are forever indebted to the circuit rider Jesse Lee, founding father of New England Methodism.  Moreover, we are the heirs of the enthusiastic spirit of ten Merrimack families who came together in unity of Christian thought and friendship to form the Wesley Christian Fellowship in late 1966. 

One year later, the fellowship grew to become the first new Methodist congregation in New Hampshire in 4 decades.  On November 19, 1967, a chartering service for St. James United Methodist Church was celebrated proclaiming grace and freedom to meet the spiritual hunger of that time.  In this same spirit, we face the future aware of the awesome responsibility to be true to our heritage and faithful to Christ and God's people today.

As we begin our sixth decade, if past events are any indication of future possibilities, "the people called Methodists" will continue to provide a vital and viable witness of proclamation and service to the people of this area and to people throughout the world.

All are welcome here to learn and grow together as a faith community.  All are welcome here to help serve our neighbors through the food pantry and the clothes closet.  All are welcome here to come as you are and to bring your questions, doubts, hopes and needs.  We may not have all the answers, but we have a heart for ministry with our community.  Please come, for all are welcome here!

The congregation of St. James UMC