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Faithful Giving

At St. James, we realize that many of you handle all your family finances via the internet. We are currently investigating the possibility of online giving. For the time being, giving can be done either by cash/check, or can be setup through your bank to have automatic payments made at a specified interval.

You can give one time donations to specific causes or ministries, and/or general fund donations at any interval of choice. Quarterly giving statements are provided for those who have received their own unique giving number. See any of the church staff to get your number if you do not already have one. All of your information is held strictly confidential.

Special Needs Giving

Occasionally, opportunities arise for our body to give to individual causes that will help our community, missions abroad, and many other causes. In addition to our standard online giving system, you may use this site to give specifically to any of the following causes:

The Clothes Closet will remian closed during the COVID-19 health crisis.